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Taking Stock: Graduation season

Thanking: my family and friends for all the love they showed me over the past two weeks. Graduation season was awesome. (Yes, I’ve declared it a whole season even though I’m the only one graduating at this time of the year.)

Making : exciting changes to the blog layout and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Cooking Frying: plantain for dinner tonight.  Here’s to my pending foodgasm.

Drinking  Eating: a good steak can turn any day around.

Reading: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari which I got as a gift from my favourite Uncle (Hey, Uncle J).

Wanting: a hot stone massage this weekend. If only I had the budget to match.

Looking: forward to sharing my recap of the past two weeks with you here. I enjoyed all parts of the trip but the Uganda leg gave me life everlasting!

Playing: Back to the Beach by Shekhinah X Kyle Deutsch. This song takes me straight to Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town.

Wishing: I could see my younger siblings more often.

Enjoying: the feeling of being a graduate 🙂

Waiting: impatiently to share my latest (and probably most awesome) idea with you all soon. Kampala, I’m talking to you.

Liking: how the year is going so far. So much growth. So much love. So much adventure.

Wondering: how I actually managed to zip line in Mabira Forest last week with my fear of heights.

Loving: the view from the Gadaffi Mosque in Kampala.

Hoping: that I can get through this month without dying from fatigue. Adventure is amazing, but exhausting too.

Marvelling: at how organized my sister is.

Needing: to eat a pumpkin pie soon.

Wearing: a sun dress today thanks to the early heat we’re getting Rome. Out come the legs 😉

Following: this page on Instagram as I prepare for my weekend in Venice. My excitement levels have reached their all time high.

(Still) thinking: of cutting my hair.

Feeling:  lucky to have found these happy chauffeurs in Malta. The energy your company brings to any trip is one of the most important things for me.

Noticing: that I hate looking at slightly tilted photos on the wall.

Knowing: myself is the most empowering thing I am getting out of 2016.

Giggling: at the house naming tradition in Malta. Paul (one of our awesome chauffeurs) named his Moonrakers.

Feeling: like I should start coming up with a name for my first house.

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Let’s talk about my trip to Αθήνα (yeah, I just threw a Greek word in there like I can pronounce it)

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About a month ago, a friend and I were having an innocent conversation about Greek food and culture. 20 minutes and two ridiculously cheap flight tickets later, we were ready for a weekend trip to Athens. Sometimes a little spontaneity is a GREAT idea!

I’ll start with the most important part- the archeological sites. The good news is that most of the major attractions are in the same area. The Acropolis, Parthenon, Roman Agora, Ancient Agora and Theater of Dionysos are all within walking distance of each other. With the combo ticket for archeological sites, you can see these all for only €12 . I would certainly not recommend taking a sightseeing bus in Athens because it doesn’t make any sense both economically and logically.

At first sight, the city appears to have a relatively bland skyline but when you walk through the streets, you will find that it has a lot of character. The colourful little shops, flea markets, street art and singers in Πλάκα (Plaka) really bring the city to life. You might find it comforting to know that Greek will not break your brain. To be honest, I didn’t put much effort into learning any phrases in the language but after arriving in Athens I learnt that if you see a Greek word alone, it’s scary. But you see it with its equivalent in the Latin alphabet, you can take a deep breath and try to figure out where exactly you are.

One thing that you rarely hear about, but will leave you with at least a smile on your face, is the Changing of the Guards Ceremony outside the Greek parliament. I stumbled upon this by accident on the way back home from The Panathenaic Stadium. It happens at the top of every hour and watching this little show is a great way to end a day of sightseeing.

Changing of the Guards Ceremony Athens Greece Greek Parliament

Needless to say, I think Athens is worth a visit.


Thanks for reading!

Bises 🙂


Taking Stock: February


Making : room for bigger and better things in my life. Specifically for better food. It’s becoming a big priority!

Cooking : my pasta like a proper Italian now (Ahem!). At least I no longer over cook it and that’s a step in the right direction.

Drinking : Blueberry muffin flavoured tea at the moment. Yes, blueberry muffin flavoured tea. (It’s divine!)

Reading: the recent news from Uganda is starting to take a toll on my spirit.

Wanting: to squeeze in one extra hour of sleep every night. If wishes were horses.

Looking: for Red Velvet Cake in Rome will bring you to tears. Trust me on this one.

Playing Dancing: like the gorillas in Adventure of a Lifetime by Cold Play.

Wasting:less paper this year 🙂

Sewing: why is this one still here?

Wishing: my next trip were starting tonight. Sigh!

Enjoying: the process of planning said trip.

Waiting: on two very important emails this month. Fingers crossed.

Liking: the under 25 discounts that seem to follow me around. Sometimes the world is such a lovely place.

Wondering: why everyone frowns when they are on the metro. They smile on bus but frown on the metro. WHY?

Loving: the smell of fresh strawberries this month.

Hoping: to make the most of my next stay in Uganda travelwise.

Marvelling: at the dense collection of art in the Vatican Museum. Check out my postcard-esque photo on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Needing: some TV chicken for dinner tonight. (The one that is roasted in a little TV)

Wearing: blue today.

Following: my gut feeling more when it comes to this blog.

Thinking: about cutting my hair again. I miss my little ‘fro.

FeelingFREEZING: right now!

Opening Closing: the chapter of life in which I carry my regrets around.

Giggling: at the look of disappointment I get from my Italian friends everytime I ask for un caffè americano. 

Feeling: like I deserve a good ice cream after the past week!

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My Travel Essentials

As I prepare for my next little adventure, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things that I think one shouldn’t leave behind on any trip. Enjoy!

1. Toiletries

Shirabo Travel Essentials Travel Noire

Allow me to start by stating the obvious: you don’t want to be that person who everybody dreads picking up from the airport. Even after a short journey, we all need a little freshening up. I’d say the toothpaste (yes, I’m loyal to my  Close Up from Uganda) and lotion are the most important. I have no idea why traveling is such a drying experience but I literally finish the little cream bottle in three or four journeys tops.

Let’s take this one seriously.

2. Comfort


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a young man’s smile turn into a frown as he watches me transform from ‘that nice girl next to me on the plane’ into his grandmother. With the upt combination of my silk hair scarf to protect my natural hair from the cushion (you may or may not relate to this struggle), my favourite deep red blanket and my mid-calf socks, I have managed to turn any not so comfy bus, train or plane ride into something bearable at least.

3. Vanity


Everyone needs a little vanity case for any trip. I don’t care too much for makeup but I always have at least mascara, eye liner and three lipstick shades on deck. I usually go for a deep matte purple, a matte red (because you never know where you might end up on your trip) and a neutral tone like a brown or a baby pink. This is not that kind of blog so I won’t get deep into detail but a little vanity never hurt nobody.

4. Technology


If I ever forget any of the three items above, the trip is completely ruined. Apps like Google Maps  and Visit a City have saved me many hours of frustration and confusion. My Kindle continues to save me from those awkward and/or boring strangers that just won’t stop talking and without my camera, I wouldn’t be able to save the great memories of my trips.

Essential is the word!!

5.Your best self

A free mind and your biggest smile are the best and most important things that you need to take with you on any trip. There is no point in going to see a new place if you plan to block yourself from new experiences. Leave any intolerance, racism and negativity at home, please and thank you!

I read an inspiring book whose main message was that one should be aware of the energy they bring into a room (in this case, into a country).  You don’t necessarily need to be a light, but you certainly shouldn’t dim anybody else’s. Take your smile with you, somebody just might need it there!

And being the young adventurous travel blogger that I am, I never leave without my notepad and Pencil!


As always, thanks for reading.